libon%20costume%20007 smallLearn the Art of West African Drumming

Rhythms from the Malinke Empire, rhythms to inspire and ignite your passion

African Drumming from Guinea, Mali, Senegal. A rich musical landscape

African Drumming is a fun, social, exciting and interactive lifestyle

Its healing, its spiritual, it’s the roots of rhythm

Learn breaks , djembe parts , solo phrases , the bass drum section, dununba , sangban , kenkeni, played in the traditional style as well as ballet style.

Rhythms from Mohamed Bangoura, Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate, as well as some djembe Kan as taught by djembefola Lansana Camara.

You will learn to play and perform this magical drumming style, while having fun , meeting new people, increasing your fitness and,  stimulating your neurons.

Classes are starting up soon and we would love to see you there

come and join the fun in Townsville

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or call 0416383604 to book your spot in the class