Oom-Pah! the easy way to learn music


Based on principles of neuroscience, Oom-Pah!’s unique colour-coded learning tools will help you understand music concepts systematically.

So whether you’re an absolute beginner or musical maestro, you can compete at a level playing field.

With over 1,700 different game options to choose from you’ll always be engaged, entrained, & highly entertained!


Imagine upbeat, offbeat, loud, lederhosen-clad Germans, with tubas pumping and piano accordions squeezing, inspiring people to dance in the streets!

Actually, Oom-Pah! stands for Oodles of Offbeat Music Play & Awesome Hints! But it is upbeat, inspiring and can get loud!

Other than making you really smart and an even more amazing musician, the best thing about playing this game is the thrill of shouting “Oom-Pah!” when you win!

WHAT’ is


We’re glad you asked…

Oom-Pah! is a fun, fast, challenging card game that cleverly sneaks music knowledge into your brain!

For 1-4 players, Oom-Pah! is a revolutionary way to play music theory, and simultaneously sharpen your mind.

Think classic card games like Speed/Spit (if challenging friends), or Patience/Solitaire (if playing solo), but instead you build musical

“Oom-Pah! is one of the most creative and well-designed games I've ever seen! It's fast, fun and frenzied and before you know it, you've learnt a whole lot more about music than you ever thought possible! Completely tailorable for beginners and music geeks alike, I can't wait to see this become the new, fun way of learning music theory. What a great addition to a music teacher's toolbox and any home where board games are enjoyed.”


“As a complete beginner, I was overwhelmed when I played my first game of Oom-Pah! But after a few rounds I started to grasp basic music theory concepts. It’s inspired me to finally pick up the guitar. Thanks guys!”


Daniel Hamilton

“Oom-Pah! is genius! There is so much to it! Scales, chords, intervals, etc… Practically it’s a text book in a card game! It is an easy and fun way of learning music! Highly recommended!”


Marianna Joo

“This is the easiest to way to learn music”


Roy Callaghan


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OOM PAH! is the fun way to learn music theory