Meditation through the drum

Open your heart to the beat of the drum

Recomencing in 2020 

Book early as places are limited

@ the Mansfield hotel

4 week block $60.00

Spirit drumming is good for reaching a state of meditation and trance
come and unwind and explore the healing nature of the drum

1 session $20.00

4 week courses $60.00

Spirit Drum is meditation through the drum
connect, breath, rhythm, and mantra


Join me if you think you’d like to trance out on the drum through breath, mantra, and vibration. All drums are welcome, a drum is supplied if  you don’t have one.

Group drumming meditations

The health benefits of drumming are immense, well documented and researched.  drumming in a group amplifies these benefits.  African Witch Doctors practices of drumming and meditation, healing and invoking, dancing, and trance, it is a rich culture of alternative healing and thinking.

Drums as meditation has been around since the beginning of human existence and is still used today throughout world to heal, to enter trance, and converse with the ancestors. In the rhythms we play today one can hear the ancestors singing. I’ve turned around many time while playing West African rhythms to see who was singing, some say its the harmonics of the drum that sing, but if that was the case wouldn’t everyone who was there hear it. you can reach trance, you can meditate,  you can converse through your drum. Drumming and chanting, chanting drumming, dancing is an age old practice of healing, transcending  and communicating with spirit.

Available for retreats and groups

all drums welcome


No musical skill is needed as we are entering the state of meditation on the drum, we are following our heart beat and creating a tranquil yet energised space, let the rhythm steal you.

Enjoy the healing power of the drum

Spirit Drum

Spirit drumming is Meditating through the drum, reaching a state of relaxation and creativity through your breath, rhythm, beats and mindful intention

Spirit drum is a gentle way to reach meditation through the drum, we use breath and the ways of shamanic drumming to invoke a state of theta. 

Spirit Drum is a great way to learn to drum without knowing your learning. Its a great way to promote healing in your body, new cells, new pathways, renew. 

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about me

Ive used drumming for many years to calm my mind in times of difficulty and adversities.
In 209 I lost the use of my dominate arm. I used the djembe drum to create new pathways, these neuro conections gave that little bit of lift needed to create function, if not for djembe I don’t think this would have happened.

In 2010 I died on the operating table, I woke up not being able to string 4 numbers together, again I used the drum to create new pathways and a functioning memory.

For me drumming is much more than music, its a spirit that lives inside of both us and the drum

Many surgeries later and a complete total reverse shoulder replacement early in 2019 and I am still using the drum to calm my mind, reduce my stress, and enjoy life. Drumming brings joy to the heart, it opens us to the vibrations of the universe, drumming with others shares energy and healing.



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