African Drumming Classes


Drum class is back on Saturday’s new rhythms to learn 3 pm until 4.30 pm
22 Ingham rd West End (the service rd
( Due to the COVID some restrictions apply in numbers and if you have any cold or flu symptoms please stay home.
The cost of the class is $10.00 and bookings are very essential.


The drumming class I provide is in the spirit of the djembe and the rhythms are rhythms I have learned from master drummers and other teachers who support the African drumming community, and because of my love for the drum and the happiness it has given me over the years. Where possible please learn from the source, there are lots of options these days to learn from masters via zoom and prerecorded lessons. But nothing can replace the pure joy and energy of learning in a group and this is why I have the class, it also prepares us for any master drummers who visit so we can learn quickly from them ūüôā

I thank those who have supported me over the years and all my teachers who have given me so much

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Come and join the joy that is West African drumming

experience the rhythms, the dance, the healing energy of the drum

West African drumming

Learn West African Rhythms

it’s a wack of fun

Drumming class

@ The Mansfield Hotel function room

1 pm on Sat the 15th of the Feb / then 4 pm Saturdays

with debie djembe and drumbumba

First 4 weeks we will concentrate on techniques to make your drum sing and your hands know what to do  

This class suitable for beginners to intermediate

Rhythm parts, soloing techniques, hand coordination.  


Private lessons are available in Djembe and Dununs

lessons cover technique

solo phrasing


 off beat

Traditional Dununs and Ballet Dunun technique

 dudun , sangban chaufamons & variations


West African Drum and Dance

workshops when the masters are in Town

We are currently looking for a regular dance instructor

workshops with West African music   liondjem

We have some workshops coming up for West African Dance please register your intrest

We are currently looking dance instructor who is experienced in West African Dance or wants to learn this wonderful art form  to take a weekly class

please contact if you want to do a weekly dance class or workshops here in Townsville

If you are intrested in joining our performance group please contact via face book or our contact form

Private Djembe and Dunun sessions available for intermediate and advancing students

The drum is the heart beat of Africa, dance is her smile