West African Drum & Dance Camp Townsville

2017 Register your interest

Drum & Dance Camp 2016 with Mohamed Bangourake and Lansana Camara was a whack of fun, please register your interest for 2017.

A weekend of West African drum dance and song  come for the weekend , one day or one session. It will be an amazing experience.
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Mohamed Bangoura & Lansana Camara

BangouraKe & Lansana Camara
West Africa ignites in Townsville
October 22nd 23rd 2017
drumming & dance workshop
Venue and pricing to be confirmed


2 Days of Drumming & Dance

Saturday 2 sessions of drum & 2 sessions of dance

Sunday 2 sessions for drum & 2 sessions for dance

learn the rhythm and then learn the soloing phrases for the dance

this is going to be amazing fun

A singing session to Kora will also be available

Drum Dance Sing

Oct 22nd 23rd

Come and experience the magic of West Africa’s drum and dance culture

This will be such a privilege to experience
Master drummer & Griot Mohamed Bangoura along with Djembefola and Kora Maestro Lansana Camara
Workshops and performance
These are Master Djembefola ‘s experienced and skilled in the art of West African Percussion, musicians and keepers of the tradition of West African music. Hailing from Conakry this is West African drumming and dance at its best , you will also get to experience masterful Kora playing and beautiful beautiful song.
Both Mohamed and Lansana come from a true Griot family they are the keepers of the traditions of the drumming, the music and dances of Guinea.
This is Conakry Guinea Drum Dance music at its very best . please come along on the weekend of the 22nd of October save the space for some rumble of the drums & shaking of your tail feathers . Ancient rhythms to ignite your passion , hands so fast you might not even see them move , dance to celebrate and enjoy this amazing music and culture, so beautifully kept strong by these amazing musicians from West Africa.
Mohamed is called Hands of Fire in Conakry this is no small feat in the land/ the home of Guinea djembe
If you have never seen Mohamed and Lansana perform you are in for an amazing experience, Mohamed and Lansana travel the world doing workshops and performances, This is high octane drumming & performance