Learn to jam on your Cajon

Afro beats, Reggae, Rock

A journey in rhythm 


@ The Mansfield Function Room 

Group drumming

Drumming in a group is super fun, learning rhythm with other people raises the vibration and the fun factor and forms friendships, it creates self confidence and the confidence to jam on your Cajon

Bobby will be taking you through rhythm techniques he uses, fills, handings, you’ll learn to jam to music while having a whack of fun.

4 week courses $60.00

Professional quality Cajon DYI kits are available for purchase / supplied by  Studio Dubbeld  woodworking and guitar artistry.


The Cajon sessions with Bobby Osae

$60.00 pre-booked and prepaid for 4 sessions

or $20.00 per session no booking required

$60.00 pre-pay 4 sessions

$20.00 one session

The Cajon is like a mini drum kit it gives you the sounds of snare bass and toms, its the best seat at the party.

The health benefits of drumming are immense, well documented and researched,  drumming is great for depression, anxiety  PTSD.  Drumming in a group amplifies the benefits, as well as creating connection and friendships.  Drumming as a family is big magic. When you DRUM you form happy pathways and new brain cells, as well as personal connection.

Make your own professional cajon

Cajon kits are available at $250.00 pre cut Queensland maple

Supplied ready for you to create your own drum with wonderful sound properties.

A great project for you and your kids.
Cajons are the perfect first drum for anyone.


beginner drummers welcome 

The Cajon

The Cajon is an instrument of rebellion and hope.

Created out of necessity and the love and need TO DRUM

Play it with heart 

The CAJON is a nice way to get into music,  jam to your favorite songs at home, or with your friends and family at parties


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about Bobby

Bobby Osae is a musician from Ghana a professional bass player and percussionist, he toured with African bands when he first came to Australia and then settled into family life here in Townsville, and has played with bands such as Crossroads, The Firelight Collective which he stills plays with today. He plays cajon for Mark Hillman and sings reggae with the firelight collective. His passion for music developed at an early age and he has a warm teaching style that will get you jamming on your CAJON in no time.

drum on CAJON

phone 0416383604